Data mining - (anti)Scaping - Big data

We pride ourselves on our extensive experience in scraping & data mining. With the ability to gather valuable information from an extensive range of online platforms, our team of web scraping professionals are able to keep you up-to-date with web analytics, consumer behaviour, and a plethora of other informative statistics. Allowing businesses full access to the vast world of knowledge and marketing intelligence that they need to excel above their competition, Scraping Solutions' customisable range of data scraping software solutions are an excellent way to maintain your place at the cutting edge of your field. With daily updates and a 24/7 web scraping schedule, our team of experienced professionals work diligently to ensure that your expectations are exceeded.

Data mining

Automatically searching large stores of data for patterns. How you get the data is irrelevant, only how you analyze it. Data mining involves the use of complex statistical algorithms. Benefit from our extensive experience in data mining to drive out new insight and answers to key questions. Using our data mining capabilities we can help uncover valuable, actionable insight that will improve your decisions and your decision making process. We use a host of commercial, open source and proprietary tools to answer a wide range of business questions and will always match the right tool with the business need. Aside from traditional data mining we are experts in mining, analysing, visualising and modelling complex networks such as social, communication, and trading networks. We also have extensive experience in text mining, and in combining text mining with network analytics.


Is a method for extracting textual characters from screens so that they could be analyzed. Commonly, it is used to extract characters from websites (web scraping), though not exclusively. This method for gathering data is direct, either through looking at websites' html code or visual abstraction techniquese. We don’t just build web crawlers, we also run them. This takes all the complexity out for the user’s sake. We provide daily data extraction reports so you can monitor what’s going on, while our software is cross-platform compatible, meaning it can suit just about any device. 

Anti-Scraping Service

Blackhorseinternet offers a global market-leading service to combat unwanted systematic web scraping. The Blackhorse-anti-scraping service provides comprehensive protection around the clock thanks to a combination of proprietary technology, monitoring, and human intervention. Blackhorse-anti-scraping is for companies who must protect their business from scrapers damaging their reputations, and diminishing their profits.