Design services

Graphic Design, visually appealing presentations,...


Interaction Design

The behavior of a web site or application, and how users control that behavior, is of paramount importance in understanding the user journeys and in meeting the project's objectives. At Blackhorseinternet, we have a team of interaction design specialists, but we also involve the whole project team in the process, from initial workshops and whiteboard sketches, right through to the production of highly-detailed wireframes and functional documentation.

Visual Design

Through a process of concept development, final execution and quality assurance, Blackhorseinternet designers create some of the world's most distinctive and compelling interfaces. With our focus on innovation, creativity and meticulous attention to detail, we deliver a unique level of quality across web sites, applications, TV and games. We hire only the most passionate and gifted designers; people who share our desire for pixel perfection.

Information Architecture

Blackhorseinternet believes that good IA is the foundation of usability. At the outset of any project, we work closely with the content owners to audit the current information and create improved hierarchies and taxonomies – streamlining the structure of content, how it's organized and how users access it. This process is vital to project success; especially on large scale portals.

Usability Studies

The Blackhorseinternet approach to usability hinges on our passion for creating interfaces that work intuitively and beautifully. We focus on key concepts of ease, efficiency, memorability and enjoyment, and we apply our rigorous standards at every stage of the process, from early prototypes, exploration and design concepts through to beta-period analysis and adjustment. Our goal has always been, and continues to be, to design web sites and applications that people love to use.

Style Guides

Blackhorseinternet design doesn't stop when the final screen comps are signed off. Our designers then work closely with our developers and interaction experts to produce complete style guides. These guides map out exactly how each element of the end product should look and behave – from animation speed and button mouse-over states, to typography rules and color guidelines. The style guide is a crucial part of the delivery and maintenance puzzle – making the adding of new content and new functionality simple and fast.