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PTMD is a professional home accessories and home design company. Providing stylish design of art, pottery, home design and more. We created a professional web presence for this extraordinary client.
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De BezorgBeer

de bezorgbeer

De Bezorgbeer is a food delivery service company. It makes tasty snacks and delivers them directly to your door. Quality fast food delived by a bear, who better to judge the food ?
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Capitol Billboards

capitol billboards

Capitol has a wide range of products, they can deliver the most diversified out-of-home media to get your message to the audience. There amazing combination of products and locations allow you to control the scope of your campaign, from small to large, concentrated or extended.
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The Budget Fashionista

the budget fashionista

If you are looking for the latest info on fashion, clothing, gadgets for woman and more, then look no further. Kathryn Finney and there team have worked hard to create one of the most famous fashion portals of them all, The Budget Fashionista. The designs were fully done by Black Horse Internet.
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Mobile Den

mobile den

Mobile Den is one of the leading suppliers of mobile phone accessories in the United Kingdom. They offer a wide range of more then 10.000 phone accessories through there website. Any phone or accessory that appears on the market, they simply stock it. A unique opportunity for any mobile phone enthusiast.
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Meubel Opslag

meubel opslag

A small, but strong company which puts focus on home and storage removals. Furniture, paperwork, vehicles, products or any other type of stock can fit into there storage room.
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Hotel Tamisa Golf

hotel tamisa golf

Tamisa Golf is one of the luxurious 5 star golfing hotels on the Spanish Costa del Sol. The hotel offers a variety of services and required an online presence to attract more and exciting holiday golfers. The results, a beautiful fully flash animated website with online ordering and reservation system.
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Tamisa Weddings

tamisa weddings

Tamisa Weddings is a small organization inside the Hotel Tamisa Golf that focused mainly on couples who would like there wedding to be rememberable for every and always. Set at the luxury 5 star hotel Tamisa Golf, it is one of the most recommend places for arranging your wedding.
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Serenity in the City Urban day spa in NewCastle is the stylish place to for all your beauty essentials. Manicure, pedicure, tinting, tanning, waxing, eyebrow shaping, massage and facials. It is the perfect zen relaxation lounge for the perfect pamper.
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Costa Del Sol Golf News

costa del sol golf news

Costa del Sol Golf News is a small golfing news publishing company based on the Costa del Sol. It provides a weekly edition of Golfing news and specials which is available in various outdoor and newspaper shops.
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Pro Sol Golf

pro sol golf

Pro Sol Golf offers a wide range of golfing holiday packages on the southern coast of Spain. With more then 10 years of golfing holiday expertise, it can do deals like no other. Both economic with stylish accomodation, it can treat any rookie or elite folder to an unforgettable experience. Black Horse was to develop the microsite for this client.
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Homes and Gardens

homes and gardens expo

Homes and Gardens expo is an exposition with focus on home decoration such as furniture & outdoor accessories. The client requested a small microsite for people who wanted to obtain entrance tickets for the show.
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Idea Spain

idea spain

A brilliant and beautifull website with information about all the hotels in southern Spain. It offers information about local guides and tours for any person who wants to explore and understand the Spanish way of life.
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Venve Recruitment

venve recruitment

Venve is a Dutch recruitment company located in the Amsterdam, The Netherlands. They are an extrordinary team of professionals who can see immediate talent and the right person for any business. Black Horse was to develop there online branding and internet presence.
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