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SecurySat Platform

securysat platform

SecurySat is a fleet management software allowing administrators to fully manage there fleet network and staff. It has a GPS locating system and provides usefull information about distance, duration, tracking, fuel, and more.
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Gonuts4free offers free internet and dial up solutions in Spain and the United Kingdom. The setup contains various free manuals and some manual setup guides for its members. The system is fully automated and driven by a remote database which is connected to its mail servers allowing instant user registration and interaction. In short, an Instant solution for any visitor.
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eCompare is an Australian based company. It provides special services such as the comparing of credit cards, car rental, flight tickets and much more. The client wanted us to develop a new and dynamic website which is fully CMS supported in order to allow the client to manage the content of the site and its products.
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National Clamps

national clamps

National Clamps is just more then a wheel clamping business. It offers professional and secure parking solutions for store and private owners, security and license plate detection with advanved camera software and much more. We developed an easy to use website, but a very extensive and professional database which is connected with a SMS network which keeps the staff from National Clamps infomed at all times anywhere in the UK.
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Web Promotor 360

web promotor 360

Web Promotor 360 is a search engine optimization and seo advice consultancy company. The company required a simple, modern but clean microsite to attract new customers.
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Top Line Virtual

top line virtual

Top Line Virtual is a company that is specialised in 360ยบ Virtual Tours. It offers a great software which allows you to save time and get immediatly the tours that you need before jumping into your next home.
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Phill Coe, from Phill Coe Photography required a photo classified portal where he could upload all his pictures and photography work. The result, a large database of online photos ready to be downloaded by any commercial user.
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Spanish Living

spanish living

Spanish Living is one of the biggest portals in Spain. Providing information about food, local activities, business, classified, advertising and much more, it is no wonder they needed a professional and user friendly interface. The full concept and website was developed including CMS for easy management.
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