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Xampy Music

xampy social music

Xampy is a social music networking website specialized in providing free MP3 downloads and advertising solutions. A full back end database and revenue system was developed for the client. Members would upload there song, and based on the rating and duration, a small fee is paid to the members to further encourage more music to be promoted and submitted. The income is generated through advertising and other partnerships.
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The Police File

the police file

The Police is probably one of the best bands in the history of POP music. This fan website was developed with the purpose of selling tickets for there famous world tour. The website was a very simple concept, includes a flash trailer, presentation and a ticketing sales database.
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The Jacksons Tour

the jacksons tour

It's no secret that michael Jackson, the king of pop has brothers in this world. Together, the wonderfull Five made an epic and classic journey through time only to be reunited again and perform one of the greatest reunions of all time, the Jacksons Five Come Back Tour.
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Official Concert Tickets

official concert tickets

Official Concert Tickets is an American Ticketing Company that sells concert tickets from concerts and other random events to online visitors. The system is fully automated and database driven. A simple E-commerce payment system has been setup and can also interact with other partners websites to ensure availibility and a guaranteed sale.
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Spice Girls

return of the spice girls

The Spice Girls are one of the best music phenomenon that the UK has every witnessed. Now, reunited, they plan for the ultimate comeback and give a show like none other before. The Return of The Spice Girls is a fact.
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Road House Realty

road house realty

Road House Realty is the number 1 source for all your real estate needs around central Florida. Specialized in locations such as Kissimmee, Saint Cloud, windermere and other surrounding areas, buying homes in Orlande can never be easier then with Road House Realty. A full property agency website was developed for this client. The properties were imported via the famous American universal MLS Property Feed.
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Your Ice Breaker


YIB stands for "Your Ice Breaker". Yib allows people to instantly meet each other via your own mobile telephone. They offer a 30 day free trial service and you can manage your entire account via a professional but easy to use web based CMS.
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Capitol Billboards

capitol billboards

Capitol has a wide range of products, they can deliver the most diversified out-of-home media to get your message to the audience. There amazing combination of products and locations allow you to control the scope of your campaign, from small to large, concentrated or extended.
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Gina Barker Simmons

gina barker simmons

Gina Barker Simmons is a cultural guide with degrees in Geography and Anthropology, specializing in International Affairs. A recent book released by her called "Discovering Lavalette" needed a small website presence developed by Black Horse Internet
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The Budget Fashionista

the budget fashionista

If you are looking for the latest info on fashion, clothing, gadgets for woman and more, then look no further. Kathryn Finney and there team have worked hard to create one of the most famous fashion portals of them all, The Budget Fashionista. The designs were fully done by Black Horse Internet.
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6 Group Dating

6 group dating

6 Group Dating is an exclusive dating and social event service for busy professionals with S.T.I. The company director noticed a potential business opportunity in the dating area for people with complications. The website uses a unique, yet effective matching process that allows members to personally select and confirm each potential dating experience.
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Piscano Realty

piscano realty

Piscano required Black Horse Internet to develop a fully qualified real estate tempalte for their website. The entire logo was revamped and some new colors thrown in to spice up the real estate world of Piscano.
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Savignano Accountants & Advisors

Savignano accounts & advisors

Savignano is a professional accouting and advisors firm based in New York, USA. They provide assistance to business clients who do not have the in-house resources to handle all their financial and management requirements such as business analysis, tax planning, etc...
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Top Line Virtual

top line virtual

Top Line Virtual is a company that is specialised in 360ยบ Virtual Tours. It offers a great software which allows you to save time and get immediatly the tours that you need before jumping into your next home.
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