Gonuts4free offers free internet and dial up solutions in Spain and the United Kingdom. The setup contains various free manuals and some manual setup guides for its members. The system is fully automated and driven by a remote database which is connected to its mail servers allowing instant user registration and interaction. In short, an Instant solution for any visitor.
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Glass Curtains

glass curtains

Glass Curtains specialize in fully retractable enclosures for balconies, patios, fa├žades, entrances, doorways and interior divisions. Today Glass Curtains has 3 different systems for this purpose, all designed and developed by the company itself.
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Vacation Holiday Rentals

vacation holiday rentals

Vacation Holiday Rentals is a world based portal allowing customers to place there holiday home for rent on its website. The service is provided in various languages and is backed up by a easy to use database.
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MDCI is a development and construction company based in Spain. The client wanted a new design and interface for its web users. A small database was also developed to keep track of customers enquiries and other business requests.
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passepartout andaluz

Passpartout is a dutch real estate agent working and operating in Spain and the Netherlands. The website has a property database engine and is also connected to the Interagency Real Estate Network allowing the website to display a wide range of properties for sale and rent.
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Spanish Living

spanish living

Spanish Living is one of the biggest portals in Spain. Providing information about food, local activities, business, classified, advertising and much more, it is no wonder they needed a professional and user friendly interface. The full concept and website was developed including CMS for easy management.
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Marbella Realty

marbella realty

The Marbella for Sale web site was fully revamped for the client. It includes some special new vector images and a newly designed property database which is fully customised upon client request.
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IMX is a transport and distribution solution company. Providing packaging and freight transport services on a worldwide basis is what it does best. With this in mind, we created a CMS user interface which allows the client to fully control and manage his own website with a simple click of a mouse button. A complex, but user friendly database was developed to allow the tracking of packages, user management, sales and reporting.
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Total Removals


Total removals, nick named Motor Movers offers a wide range of weekly services including, domestic and industrial door to door vehicle transportation throughout the UK and Europe, dealer transfers and media filming for motor show transportation. It is no surprise that this superb company required an online web presence.
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Hotel Tamisa Golf

hotel tamisa golf

Tamisa Golf is one of the luxurious 5 star golfing hotels on the Spanish Costa del Sol. The hotel offers a variety of services and required an online presence to attract more and exciting holiday golfers. The results, a beautiful fully flash animated website with online ordering and reservation system.
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Tamisa Weddings

tamisa weddings

Tamisa Weddings is a small organization inside the Hotel Tamisa Golf that focused mainly on couples who would like there wedding to be rememberable for every and always. Set at the luxury 5 star hotel Tamisa Golf, it is one of the most recommend places for arranging your wedding.
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Alfonso Jimenez Lawyers

Alfonso jimenez Lawyers

Alfonso Jimenez Lawyers was establisjed in 1989 by Alfonso Jimenez Sanchez, an experiended lawyer and member of the Malaga Law Association, and since then has been providing legal assistance to the cosmopolitan population of the Costa del Sol, Spain.
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2Go Where

2go where

2Go Where is a small business based in Southern Spain. 2Go Where arranges project planning, development and management for very competitive prices. The complete package designed and planned by Black Horse Internet.
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Costa Del Sol Golf News

costa del sol golf news

Costa del Sol Golf News is a small golfing news publishing company based on the Costa del Sol. It provides a weekly edition of Golfing news and specials which is available in various outdoor and newspaper shops.
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auto link

AutoLink is a Scandinavian company which rents and lends vehicles near the busy Malaga Airport in Spain. It offers a wide range of cars, from small to big, economic to luxury, whatever your rental car needs, autolink is always ready for you.
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Pro Sol Golf

pro sol golf

Pro Sol Golf offers a wide range of golfing holiday packages on the southern coast of Spain. With more then 10 years of golfing holiday expertise, it can do deals like no other. Both economic with stylish accomodation, it can treat any rookie or elite folder to an unforgettable experience. Black Horse was to develop the microsite for this client.
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Richard Wood Art

richard wood art

Richard Wood was born in London in 1950 and at the age of fourteen moved to Wiltshire. From childhood he showed an exceptional flair for drawing and painting. Now he has relocated his studio from Colne, Lancashire in the United Kingdom to near the picturesque village of Mijas, in Andalucia, Southern Spain.
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Arte Mania

arte mania

Arte-Mania S.A. is a company founded in 1988 who is dedicated to the sale of oil paintings, classic style frames and mirrors. There clients are professionals from the world of art and decoration, auction rooms, gift shops...both national and international.
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Inmo Power

inmo power

Inmo Power is a powerfull real estate based web applications which allows real estate agents to share properties with other parties and earn a commission when a sale is completed. It allows realtors to easily manage there properties and present them with a clean interface to potential interesting clients.
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Cepero Rojas Lawyers

Cepero Rojas Lawyers

Belen Cepero is a professional lawyer working for the law firm Premier Law located in Marbella, Spain. Premier Law provides quality legal advice and service.

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Phill Coe

phill coe photography

Phill Coe is a professional English photographer who currently lives in the hilltops of the small, but beautifull village of Mijas, Spain. He is an expert at wedding photography and has a curious way of turning your photos into amazing showcases. Be sure to checkout his online portfolio at imigiz.
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Phill Coe, from Phill Coe Photography required a photo classified portal where he could upload all his pictures and photography work. The result, a large database of online photos ready to be downloaded by any commercial user.
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Collegio Salliver

college salliver

Colegio Salliver is a private school located in Fuengirola, Spain. The school which was founded originally 30 years ago by Don Jose Revillas who is a master and has a third degree in Chemistry has made the school one of the most prestigous and famous of all Spain.
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Idea Spain

idea spain

A brilliant and beautifull website with information about all the hotels in southern Spain. It offers information about local guides and tours for any person who wants to explore and understand the Spanish way of life.
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Homes and Gardens

homes and gardens expo

Homes and Gardens expo is an exposition with focus on home decoration such as furniture & outdoor accessories. The client requested a small microsite for people who wanted to obtain entrance tickets for the show.
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In The Garlic

in the garlic

In the Garlic is a fun, but informative guide and website for Spain. They started off with a simple book, and have moved onto bing a small portal. In The Garlic is an essential companion for anyone living in or moving to Spain or simply with a passion for the country and its people.
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