the netherlands




PTMD is a professional home accessories and home design company. Providing stylish design of art, pottery, home design and more. We created a professional web presence for this extraordinary client.
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De BezorgBeer

de bezorgbeer

De Bezorgbeer is a food delivery service company. It makes tasty snacks and delivers them directly to your door. Quality fast food delived by a bear, who better to judge the food ?
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Villa Boulevard

villa boulevard

Villa Boulevard is a worldwide property rental and vacation advertising portal allowing people to find easily there next holiday property anywhere on the planet. The website was carefully planned and coordinated by our staff considering the massive amount of properties and data to come when opening its doors on the world wide web.
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Venve Recruitment

venve recruitment

Venve is a Dutch recruitment company located in the Amsterdam, The Netherlands. They are an extrordinary team of professionals who can see immediate talent and the right person for any business. Black Horse was to develop there online branding and internet presence.
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